Bryansky Byk - Russian Meat Cuisine Restaurant

As the central axis of our concept, we chose the cuisine of the Bryansk region, which is an excellent example of the development of Russian cuisine: it has preserved many traditional Russian and Soviet dishes, and is complemented by interesting regional characteristics.

We offer Russian classic meals that are prepared exclusively from quality Russian products from different regions.

The brand-chef of our restaurant is Andrey Zakharov. 

For steaks we use Prime meat of traditional cuts, as well as alternative cuts from the Bryansk region.
The meat is aged in a dry-aging chamber.

We cook meat on a charcoal grill: we fry, stew, smoke or bake fish and meat at your request.


We prepare desserts in our own confectionery and bake bread in our bakery, the aroma from which spreads all over the restaurant.

Brand-chef: Andrey Zakharov

Andrey is a connoisseur of different cuisines, but his strength is meat, in any of its manifestations. Today he is the brand-chef of the PGV Group holding and leads the kitchens of the "Bryansky Byk" meat restaurant as well as the Dolma restaurant and Grill-bar Zinger Grill.

              Andrey believes diligence to be crucial in his work, because the brand-chef should be open to the menu development and participation in the management of the restaurant, as well as daily management and work on par with the team of cooks; as well as creativity and curiosity, pushing to create more and more perfect dishes.